Kanban roll

In Scrum, which is an agile project management framework, there are no solid roles like in Kanban. Instead, Scrum has a fixed roller set, which consists of product owners, Scrum-Master and development team. The product owner is responsible for the management of the product backlog and prioritization of functionalities. The Scrum Master is responsible for the use of Scrum and supports the team in the implementation of agility. The development team is responsible for the implementation of the requirements and works closely with the product owner.

In contrast, Kanban has no solid roles, but there are some important people who can be involved. This includes the initiative wearer, the person responsible for implementation and the monitor. The initiator is responsible for the initiation of the project and bears the vision for the project. The person responsible for the implementation is responsible for daily work on the project and ensures that the tasks are done. The monitor is responsible for monitoring the project and ensures that the project remains on course.

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